Diets to detoxify your system do not really work. The fad detox diets do make money and you might feel better for a few days after finishing them, but that does not come from them eradicating toxins from your system. Dr. Mynster wants you to know how the natural way to detox your body.

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Your Body’s Natural Detox

Your body naturally detoxes through your kidneys and liver. The thing that probably makes people feel better is the break from an overabundance of sugar, especially processed sugars.

Fad detox diets typically include a period of fasting followed by consumption of raw juices or raw fruits or vegetables. Consumption of large quantities of water also comprises a huge portion of these detox diets.

Healthy Eating Is The Best Detox

You don’t need an enema or special herbs and spices to do your body good though. You can simply switch to eating a healthy overall diet. You should be drinking eight-ounce glasses of water every day. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be an everyday part of your diet. Cutting down on refined sugars helps, too. You can still eat cake now and then, but skip making it an everyday item.

Since dietary research shows that avoiding highly processed foods with added sugar, solid fats, and high-calorie low-nutrition foods results in the same healthier-feeling, do that instead. Making a lasting, long-term positive dietary change produces those healthier feelings on a daily basis, not a periodic one.

When your diet includes a vast selection of fruits and vegetables, you naturally eliminate wastes on a daily basis. Consuming appropriate amounts of natural, dietary fiber does that.

Choose Long-term Solutions

Detox diets don’t work as long-term choices. That is because your body requires protein, a full complement of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, plus regular intake of a normal amount of calories to function properly. Without that balance fatigue sets in. Popular fad colon cleanses can cause bloating, cramping, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting.

Talk to a Registered Dietitian

A better solution stems from a consultation with a registered dietitian (RD). An RD can help you plan a healthy eating system that includes your favorite foods and provides holistic nutrition. It does not take a fad to develop fabulous health. It takes daily nutrition and hydration combined with exercise and a healthy sleep schedule.